Yesterday’s History, Tomorrow’s a Mystery

Typical web history while researching for a biology project:


9:02 PM list of endangered species – Google Search |

9:02 PM Species List | Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals – WWF |

9:06 PM polar bear – Google search |

9:07 PM Should the Polar Bear Still Sell Coca-Cola? – The New Yorker | Continue reading “Yesterday’s History, Tomorrow’s a Mystery”

The Democratic Nominees Do Common Ground

At an undisclosed location in the deserts of Nevada. The Democratic candidates sit criss-cross-applesauce in a circle with retreat facilitator Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper: Hello, and welcome to Common Ground. I’m Anderson. My preferred pronouns are he/him/his and my preferred epithets are silver-haired fox and sapphire-eyed god. I identify as white, male, extraordinarily rich, and gay, but don’t worry, I’ve checked my privilege, just like you all will during this retreat. And do you see these onyx glasses? I am not messing around. Not today. You will feel emotionally and socially transformed. Now, let’s start the conversation and open our hearts. Continue reading “The Democratic Nominees Do Common Ground”