I tend to agree with Reese: dining at “The Loop” channels a certain nostalgia for a simpler time–when family gathered around the table as if for a fireside chat, sharing deep belly laughs at your expense, your father recounting in a series of staccato bursts the many ways in which you have fallen short of his already much tempered expectations.  But there is nothing quite like that familiar taste of tangy tartar on golden roll that Mickey D summons while I retreat from my responsibilities and seek refuge in the single-stall bathrooms of the Bryan Center.

So what if I take a couple hours off to occupy the single bathrooms and binge watch a couple seasons of Naruto™?  It hardly matters how many times the stall door rattles on its hinges or how many times the manager says, “sir it’s been hours and this handle is drenched in tartar sauce; please vacate the bathroom immediately.”  Nothing can disturb my Happy Meal.  The Golden Arches are a gateway drug to gastronomic nirvana, a Price Palooza but to go.  And for that, “I’m Lovin’ It.”



Jaida is our team’s number two food reviewer who started writing for Department Of in 2016. About 5 foot 1, Jaida can be found with his navy blue, noise cancelling BOSE™ headphones that he bought before, not after, Reese, playing imaginary drums with replica, limited edition, Metallica, drum sticks on the C3 Class Exchange.  He is in the same fraternity as Reese but occupies a lower position in their hierarchy.

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