Boo-hoo, I don’t know what to do.
I spend all week staying with you.
Then the weekend comes around,
And you’re kickin’ me out;
Boo-hoo, I’ve got the Blue Zone Blues!

Thursday, I scored the miracle lot.
Boy, I thought it meant a lot,
But now, I can’t stay, and I see:
I’m just another thot
For whom you don’t spare a thought
When game day fans come for the Big ‘D’.

Oh my, it’s time to fly.
“Be gone before that 6am sunrise.”
No time for coffee or bacon or hash.
You bid me goodbye.
Each week I heave a great sigh:
To Smith Warehouse I must dash.

Finding a spot is a chore;
Smith is packed to capacity and more.
Then, for a C1 I must pray
Because the sky begins to pour
Shit! Don’t close the door!
Thank you; I’ve caught the freshman plague.

Boo-hoo, why do I do what I do?
Sunday rolls around and I come thru.
Call me back by 2pm,
And we start the cycle all over again.
Boo-hoo, I’ve got the Blue Zone Blues!

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