As both Friday the 13th and Halloween fall in October this year, this month seems to be the runaway choice for spookiest month. To commemorate these two special dates, Duke’s Department Of has engaged the occult to compile a list of 13 of DUKE’S MOST HAUNTED LOCATIONS:

  1. The Stacks in Perkins: If you spend enough time in here, you’ll turn into a book. And there are a LOT of books in here.
  2. Baldwin Auditorium: While attempting to climb Baldwin on a rainy day, a freshman slipped and fell, famously uttering, “Oh fuck, I’m going to have such a bad hangover”. On the first rainy day of the semester, you can hear his famous last words in the wind.
  3. Steam Tunnels under East Campus: Sniff sniff…do you smell that? Yeah that smell is asbestos and bat shit. Tunnels used to house a murderous clown until the clown died of cancer. Final score: Carcinogens 1 Clown 0.
  4. Gross Hall 103: Legend has it that the spirits of some organic chemistry students still wander the auditorium in search of vengeance. No, that’s not why you failed your first midterm though. Study harder.
  5. Blue Zone Cemetery: Some dude refuses to yield his land when Duke decides to build the blue zone parking lot for students; to show that he doesn’t give a flying [flock], he turns his property into a family cemetery…now the spirits buried there can watch students tailgate for football games on the weekends
  6. Train Tracks by 300 Swift: If you want to be Duke Alert famous, check this prime location out for yourself after midnight! Make sure to bring your wallet!
  7. Duke Gardens: Pitch black at night. Perfect place for a midnight stroll with your bae. Also perfect place to hide their body.
  8. Craven A-R: Without air conditioning, the highest floor is literally a medieval torture chamber in the summer
  9. Cameron Indoor Stadium: Haunted for everyone but Duke’s own students. The location where the UNC basketball team gets cast to hell every year.
  10. The Vivarium: Houses a bunch of organisms for research; gives off Jurassic Park vibes. Unsurprisingly serves as a mental asylum for lemurs diagnosed as mentally insane from the lemur center.
  11. Innovation Co-Lab: The 3-D printers at work look like a scene straight out of Brave New World; even creepier when you realize that some engineers might actually be trying to print out friends
  12. Rhine Research Center: Used to be called the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory until 1965 when Duke decided to stop offering ghostbusting as a major for its students; now independent from Duke, the Rhine continues its quest of understanding para-phenomenon.
  13. Duke Forest: Ok, perhaps the most terrifying location on the list. Could house an entire alien colony and we would have no idea.

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