• I heard PiKapp’s pledge class wasn’t too good this year; that could’ve been it.
  • Honestly, 2017 has been such a crazy year, it doesn’t even surprise me. I mean, Trump, ISIS, North Korea, all these hurricanes, California wildfires…  There’s no rhyme or reason to what’s going on.
  • But we’re still better than UNC, right?
  • Well, last time I got pasta from Il Forno one of the new employees was making it and totally botched it… just kind of kept the pesto sauce on the bottom and didn’t move the pan at all.
  • They probably just reevaluated our academic strength, campus life, affordability, student satisfaction, and job opportunities out of college based on long-term changes and decided to make an adjustment.
  • This is why we need stricter vetting.
  • I’m paying $67,000 a year to go to school and we can’t even stay in the Top 8 ranked schools? Unbelievable.
  • Oh yeah? Watch me shotgun this beer!
  • I propose to spend more money to replace the grass on the main quads; they’re not green enough!
  • But did they hear about Marvin Bagley reclassifying? They probably didn’t.
  • If they just ran the Swift Express on weekends, we wouldn’t be in a situation like this.
  • Just wait ‘til they see this meme I’m working on; hehe, this oughta’ do the trick.
  • Duke will always be #1 in my heart
  • I’m transferring

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