Coach K Shortens Name to Coach ^

Coach Mike Krzyzewski, the coach formerly known as Coach K, wants to make things even easier for people. He insists on his players and fans calling him “Coach ^” now, for ease of conversation.

The coach of the Duke Men’s Basketball team, famous for his book Beyond Basketball and series of online computer science seminars, has decided that “K” is just too hard to pronounce and say. Said Krzyevblsyski, “the players need to be able to say my name quickly and easily, and I hate it when people mispronounce my name. ^ is just so much easier than K.” Continue reading “Coach K Shortens Name to Coach ^”

Blue Devil Mascot?

So I noticed something strange the other day watching the Duke game at my apartment, so I was wondering if anyone else noticed it, too. I was actually working at the same time — watching the game, resuming work during commercials, looking back up for the broadcast. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I saw the game was on, so I thought, why not? Anyway, I noticed something a little weird, actually a little funny, about our mascot. You’re not going to believe this, but he’s actually a man dressed up as a devil — the costume itself is a man wearing a blue devil costume.

Continue reading “Blue Devil Mascot?”

Duke Voter Suppression

I tried to vote. I really did.

First, I couldn’t heed every last neoliberal drop of Hillary Clinton’s words and Pokémon go to the polls because I forgot my Apple ID password so I couldn’t download the app. After giving up and closing the app store after too many failed password attempts, I opened Instagram to see my peers post endlessly on their stories, urging me with unparalleled aggression to register to vote. When I DM’d a few of them asking how to register, one of them left me on read. The other replied, “fuck I didn’t think I’d get this far lol.”

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I requested an absentee ballot, but instead received a letter in return four weeks later that read “YOU REALLY THINK WE WOULD EVER COUNT THIS” in big, GOP-funded block letters.

So then I tried to register in North Carolina with the help of students tabling on the BC for voter registration. As I began to approach, I was, as always, bombarded by peers yelling, “HEY! Do you want to eradicate poverty?” and “Do you care about kids with cancer?”

With no defense and without headphones in my ears, I had no choice but to engage.

“Well, what kind of cancer?” I asked. Continue reading “Duke Voter Suppression”

Alternative Dinner Conversations

Conversations surrounding politics will inevitably come up this Thanksgiving dinner, and they can quickly turn off-hand comments into heated discussions. To avoid any potentially awkward and tense atmospheres at your dinner table, Department Of has compiled a broad list of alternate Duke related things to talk about with your family members this holiday season. Continue reading “Alternative Dinner Conversations”

McDonald’s, An Experiment with Sauce

I tend to agree with Reese: dining at “The Loop” channels a certain nostalgia for a simpler time–when family gathered around the table as if for a fireside chat, sharing deep belly laughs at your expense, your father recounting in a series of staccato bursts the many ways in which you have fallen short of his already much tempered expectations.  But there is nothing quite like that familiar taste of tangy tartar on golden roll that Mickey D summons while I retreat from my responsibilities and seek refuge in the single-stall bathrooms of the Bryan Center. Continue reading “McDonald’s, An Experiment with Sauce”

RateMyStudents Now Available (on Apple Wallet)

Larry Moneta has revealed that a new app is being introduced to DukeHub, Duke Mobile, myDuke, TransLoc Rider, as well as LiveSafe – Duke’s premier safety app. And yes, this new app will also be available in Apple Wallet.  Android users can suck it.

RateMyStudents is a long-awaited new service available for faculty and students. As a counter to RateMyProfessor and the pathetic, sanctimonious, halo-polishing imitation available on DukeHub, this will allow professors and TAs to provide feedback on their experiences with students, leading to better communication and a more open relationship between faculty and students. In theory. One interesting aspect of this application is that it allows one student to receive multiple anonymous reviews from all the faculty members he interacts with, much like how RateMyProfessor allows a professor to receive feedback from all the students he has. These reviews from faculty will appear in the much-used notification section of DukeHub. During the beta testing of this new feature, Department Of reached out to the developers as well as select faculty chosen to test the product. Continue reading “RateMyStudents Now Available (on Apple Wallet)”

I Lived on an RA Food Plan for a Week

My resident assistant friends always complain about the RA food plan they’re enrolled in. At $1550 in food points for West Campus RA’s, it certainly doesn’t seem like a lot of money to feed someone for the semester. I mean, I get $2,904.65 food points on Plan B.  To better understand their struggle, I decided to try to live on the RA food plan for a week. I asked my parents to send me $1550, and got ready for my seven-day challenge. Continue reading “I Lived on an RA Food Plan for a Week”