Separated at Birth?

As we ponder the intricacies of string theory and the multiverse, we find ourselves consumed and utterly mesmerized by the duality in nature. I was watching the 1979 American classic “The Jerk” when I realized David Rubenstein could just as easily have been cast as Navin Johnson, a young white man who believed he was born a poor black child in Mississippi. I flipped between their photos, Steve Martin and David Rubenstein. Steve Martin. David Rubenstein. Both born into the zodiac sign of the Leo just shy of 5 years apart? Could it be? The chair of the Board of Trustees was actually Steve Martin? After 6 months of research I present to you many more cases like this at the highest echelons of Duke administration and faculty. Are they twins? Triplets? Were they torn from parallel universes forced into one timeline? You decide.


brothers martin and rubenstein
Duke Trustee, David Rubenstein and comedian Steve Martin

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