• You get stabbed in the face by a  shorter person’s umbrella
  • You walk behind an incredibly slow person on a narrow path where you can’t pass them
  • Stacey Dash walks on stage at the Oscar’s
  • An insufferable asshole in your class repeats  a comment
  • Someone starts mansplaining your major to you
  • Some punks  leave their trash on the table
  • You get sprayed with Miller Lite at a darty
  • You’re at a darty
  • Your professor fails to see your raised hand
  • Your professor sees your raised hand and fails to acknowledge you
  • You hold the door open for  someone and get no words or gestures of gratitude
  • You’re trying to get the attention of the bus driver, whose bus you’re running for
  • You hear someone defending Donald Trump
  • You get hit by Tallman Trask’s car
  • R. Kelly sings, “So baby gimme that toot toot. And let me give you that …

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