DO: Anya, do you have any parting words for Dick Broadhead?
AR: Well, it’s kind of funny because thinking about how it’s my senior spring becasue it’s also his senior spring too. So, I would say that, you know, it’s been real. He’s had twelve years here and there have been ups downs, and I would tell him to just live it up. It’s senior spring!

DO: Do you think he’s done all the Senior To Do’s?
AR: I don’t know if he’s scaled Baldwin… if he has the limber capacity to do that, but we’ll see maybe we can bring back the crane to kind of get him to scale up Baldwin.
DO : We’ll pass that suggestion along.

DO: Least favorite part of Duke?
AR: I would say the parking situation is not that fantastic. I don’t even have a car on campus and I feel personally victimized by the lack of parking.
DO: You’re just very empathetic.
AR: Exactly.

DO: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Tallman Trask, Blue Devil Mascot, Tim Cook.
AR: So, I would say definitely marry tim cook. I’d say fuck the Blue Devil, you know, a little sacrilegious, and then kill Tallman.

DO: Favorite place to cry on West Campus?
AR: [Laughs] So I’m a big fan of the bridge between Perkins and Bostock on the 4th floor. It’s very private. There’s a nice view of all of campus. It’s soothing and because the sun streams through it’s kind of warm and comforting.
DO: It feels like you’ve answered that question before.

DO: Is it ok to punch a naz–
AR: Yes.

DO: Who is your favorite member of the supergroup, Migos?
AR: Hmm. I don’t know the answer to that question.

DO : Shockingly, none of you had a solid answer to that question. I’m beginning to assume you’re all 47.
AR: [Awkward laugh]

DO: As president of the PanHell Association, do you gain experience points or level up every time a first year feels insecure about her body?
AR: So, it’s really funny because within PanHel, especially during the recruitment process, the exec board actually takes on the role of intervening in a lot of those situations where people feel insecure so I would say if anything it chips away at me when that happens becasue when you’re the personal responsible for intervening you don’t want to see that.

DO: So you’re saying they suck away your youth?
AR: Yeah.
DO: First years confirmed as parasites.

DO: So, you’ve interned for the City of Durham and have talked about your insight into how universities and the towns there are in interact with each other? So are you also gripped with an overwhelming and debilitating sense of guilt when eating at the restaurants in the gentrified parts of durham?
AR: Actually, yes. Honestly when you work for local government as a Duke student one of the unsaid things is that you don’t tell people at community listening sessions that you go to Duke. Because the relationship between Duke and Durham is in a lot of ways inherently exploitative. I mean we are the largest employer in tDurham but a lot of people feel that the wealth and prestige of Duke has not spilled over into the town. So, yeah sometimes I feel guilty eating at Dashi.

DO: So, do you think Duke is much like the first year in that they are both parasites.
AR: Yeah, I would say so.

DO: Young Trustee has always been kind of a sausage party. Why do you think that is?
AR: You know, I would point out two things. There are barriers to attainment of leadership positions on campus so when women are attempting to vie for the positions that give them the relevant experience to serve as Young Trustee they probably face barriers in that process…there has been a lot of research in the social sciences that indicates that women that are successful and assertive are viewed as unlikeable whereas men with the same characteristics are viewed as charismatic and have leadership potential. So, I would cite that. And in the past the nominating committees have not been as diverse as they were this year.

DO: Speed round, pineapple on pizza?
AR: Yes.

Do : Parlour or Locopops?
AR: Definitely Locopops.

DO: America has always been great or America has never been great?
AR: America has never been great.

DO: Kittens or teacup pigs?
AR: Definitely teacup pigs.

DO: Mac or PC?
AR: Uh, well, I have a mac but–

DO: Mom or dad?
AR: Dad.
DO: You are the only one to answer that very definitively.


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