Perkins Level 1 Restrooms
Odor: Pumpkin bread and tears
Privacy: None

Y’all ever going to move the soap dispensers up so we can use them?


FFSC Basement Bathrooms by The Slippery Stairs
Odor: Fear, HCl, Carbonless copies, Deb McCarthy’s disdain
Privacy: A lot as long as you don’t talk to MacPhail while you’re in there.

Spacious; dimly lit. Good for crying, hiding, and calling your mom. I personally have used this bathroom for a variety of reasons including: faking illness during Orgo lab, faking illness during Chem 101 lab, faking illness during Orgo 2 lab, and faking illness during Chem 210 lab.


Place Under Market Place Potty
Odor: Coffee
Privacy: Doors are always propped open but you can hear Drake singing from upstairs.


Second Floor Women’s Restroom of Languages
Odor: Promise and optimism
Privacy: More than you need

I find this to be the most elite restroom on campus. It’s only one stall, but it’s still magic. There’s a window seat you can sit at while watching people struggle across the quad, and there always seems to be a breeze slipping through the window. It also has a choice mirror for selfies. Five stars!!!


Perkins Library L2 Women’s Restroom
Odor: Decaying carcass since at least 2013
Privacy: Secluded

If you’re looking for a place to spend more than one hour, this is not it. But if you’re looking for a place to make a lot of unheard noise then this will do the trick.


Brodie 2nd Floor
There’s nowhere for students to relieve themselves but there is an extra basketball court?


Bryan Center McDonalds
Odor: Fries
Privacy: This is a pair of one-holers
Best restrooms on campus. Free feminine products, no lines, no complaints.

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