bmepremed (adjective)
half of every freshman class; roughly 2% of every graduating class.
Always said as one word.
“Please. I can’t go out tonight. I’m bmepremed.”


DDMF (noun)
an assertion of dominance over all other institutions of higher education
“Div. School lasagna? DukeDukemotherfuckerrrrr.”


dgaf (adjective)
lacking the possession of fucks or cares; used to describe someone in the state of idgaf.
“He didn’t even study for the EGR final. He is so dgaf.”


FTK (adjective)
“For The Kids;” used as a justification for any action.
“Dude. Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
“FTK, man. FTK.”


Hairy Teets (noun)
the grocery store located walking distance from East Campus, Harris Teeter—sometimes just “Teets” or “The Teets.”
“I have to hit up the Teets after class; I’m hungry.”


“Happy Birthday” for those of us who are either unable or too dgaf to actually spell “happy” or “birthday.”


hump (verb)
eat a meal at the freshman food cafeteria located on East Campus; “hit up Marketplace.”
“Is anyone down to hump?”


insta (noun)
1.     the photography-based social media app, “Instagram.”
2.     an individual post on insta.
“OMG. Did you see her latest insta?”


Shoots (noun)
the responsible party for the black ‘X’s marring the hands of undergrads on Thursday and Sunday mornings.
“What’s the move tonight?”


SFK (adjective)
so fucking kind.
“Aww that was SFK, the literal best.”


TBT (noun)
an insta that you didn’t get the chance to post at the time it was taken, posted anywhere from 1 week to 2 years after the fact; far too cute not to grace the feeds of your devoted followers


tea (noun)

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