“Seeking non-threateningly ethnically ambiguous student for friend group diversity quota”

It’s come to my attention that my close friend group is incredibly white. While we have the Sexual Orientation Minority covered with Kelly’s summer camp experimentation her junior year of high school, we are still a decidedly very pasty social circle. So, we are seeking out a non-white student to join us for study sessions, local shows, and the occasional darty. Some requirements include being politically moderate and disinterested in social justice outside of Facebook profile picture filters, preferably adhering to all other western-centric beauty norms in terms of weight, body type, etc, and willing to be featured in Instagram updates for the sole purpose of making me look like I’m not a racist. Preferential consideration will be given to those who have two (2) or more different non-white racial backgrounds.



“Looking for Survey Participants”

Hey, guys. I have to a survey for my class could you please answer it? It’ll take, like, 5 minutes tops. Please do my survey. It’s like my entire grade. Help me out. It’s only a few questions. Please. It’s for a class. I would love if you could take it. pLEASE. tAKE THIS SURVEY. I T  W I L L  O N L Y  T A K E  A  F E W  S E C O N D S

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