Are you ready to conform to Duke’s social expectations of fashion, school spirit, and expensive sweaters? Then today is your lucky day. Today only, our clothing items will be just a little bit less overpriced. That’s right: we are offering 16% off store-wide to celebrate October 16th! Next year, this sale will be on October 1st, good for 1% off. Go crazy! Here’s just a few of the items that will be available to for purchase:

  • Youth small Duke shirts, hoodies, and athletic shorts!
  • All sizes on sale: Duke 1978 Water Polo National Semifinals t-shirt!
  • All sizes available: Duke Class of 2006 hoodie!
  • Duke Blue construction vests!
  • Only in youth medium: the coveted “1K for Coach K” t-shirt!
  • Golden monogrammed paperweights!
  • All sizes on sale: “I Was On The Quad On November 29, 2011” sweatshirt!
  • Coach K baby tooth for $12,000!
  • Coach Cutcliffe baby teeth free with purchase!
  • Chapel bobble heads!
  • On Clearance: Anything related to Duke football!
  • Only available in XXL and XXXL: great Duke t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and anything else you could possibly want!

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