Department Of got their hands on Kanye West’s Twitter drafts after his cousin stole his laptop again last week The results may or may not shock you.

At madison square garden, I need a dongle  


Yeezy 5 inspiration


My baby mama’s mama stole some of my marble.. How do I take care of this?


# still looking for a Minnie Mouse Head






Kim says it’s not fair that her dad isn’t  in my game. I said kim it’s only ONE.


Please don’t cancel your Tidal… Please!!!


Puff, please make the apple ciroc with no alcohol for Nori


I am officially endorsing myself for president 2020


Kim just asked if I wanted to go to Nobu with her. Kim, I don’t have the time right now!


Smh I got kids now I can’t wild out on a daily basis @Uverse please come fix my tv


I have plans… I want to do hotels couches chairs healthy fast food HIV research holograms luxury cloud service solar power wind power


I am the Don Draper of hotel designers


@thewiggles thank you for everything you do for my family


Taylor I would say i’m sorry but I’m not


Yes I use pirate bay. I also pay for premium tidal so it cancels out


Can’t leave the house without givenchy on these days… I used to shop at Kohl’s… Kohl’s!!!!


Can someone please let Leo know he’s welcome in the studio anytime


@auntieannes i love your product thank you

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