O, all these things
I’ve loaned and lost;
Borrowed them out
At such a cumulative cost

Thenceforth absent,
Never forgotten.
Leased to be lifted;
Left heartbroken

That pencil I gave to the
Cute neighbor in class,
O, and the ten others
To others who lacked

Old, mismatched socks
Given to keep away the chill
Of long nights studying
In dorms instead of Miss Lil

Alas, in the Shoots queue
Drink disguises the danger
Of handing five dollars
To a new best stranger

Come the morning after,
It’s clear who’s not stalwart:
Cotton, not person.
Farewell, Walk-of-Shame Shirt.

Shoes, clothing, mugs,
Notecards and Tupperware,
Writing Utensils, headphones.
How is my room not bare?

Hair-ties and bobby pins
Change hands every day.
Their loyalty shifts;
With the weather they sway

Ay, don’t forget
Last night’s Uber fare.
Thankfully, it’s on Daddy’s card,
So who am I to care?

Back at the dorm
Promises of infinity
By the next morning
Gone was my—
Cell phone charger

These Loans, they add up,
Lost one after another,
Until I can’t remember
And just buy another.

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