Sunday, 12:37 pm

A: Hey, so great running into you outside soc psych the other day! Just following up on the whole “let’s get lunch” thing haha
B: Haha pretty sure that was soc sci but yeah totally when’s good for you?
A: I’m pretty swamped for the next 2 weeks :/ but I should have some time the week of the 7th.
B: Ugh ok shoot that’s when I have all my projects due.
A: Actually let me double check on this week — I think I should be good this Thursday?
B: Wait that sounds good actually – let’s do 12:30?
A: Yay! We can pick where to go then!

Wednesday, 5:26 pm

A: Omg. I’m the worst person on earth – I was supposed to go to my professor’s office hours :/  (my professor wanted to meet with me about this paper I’m submitting to Nature, he’s so annoying)
B: Wait shit. I’m ACTUALLY the worst – I totally forgot about this dumb meeting I have at lunch tomorrow
A:  Yeah no problem! Another day would actually work better for me too. just text me!

Friday, 10:12 am

A:  Hey! Do you want to do brunch this Saturday?
B:  What time were you thinking?
A:  Idk how’s like 12:30ish?
B:  Eeek. Can we push it to 1:45ish? I have a half marathon I’m running that morning. #Forthekids 😉
A: Good luck at the half *White-Man-Running-Emoji* *White-Thumbs-Up-Emoji*!! And Perf! I’ll put it in my iCal!!

Saturday, 10:47 am

A: You’re literally going to pray that I burn in hell for the rest of eternity, but I actually am an idiot and scheduled our coffee in my planner for Saturday 2017 and told Paul Modrich I would meet with him after your half! *Anxious-Face-Emoji*
B: Stop! I could never hate you that much !
A: Good luck at the half!
B: Thank you!! I will text you after!

Thursday, 6:12 pm

B: I’m more disgusting than the shitty robes those fake secret society walks around in –  just realized I never texted you…
A:  Oh stop! I’m just as bad, if not worse, than the  Kony 2012 campaign for not asking you about your half!
B:  It was honestly one of the most HUMAN experiences I’ve ever had.
B:  Totally. I can’t wait to hear about it. You free this Friday for drinks?
A:  I literally just hinge’d someone for Friday. But like I doubt it’ll be good so want to meet after?
B: How’s 9:30?
A: AM or PM?

Friday, 11:44 am

B: ugh I am so sorry for being a grimy spawn of Satan, you’re going to totally murder me in a thunderous rage!!! I forgot that I have my Olympic tryouts tomorrow morning :/ can we do a rain check for tomorrow night??
A: Girl, no problem, good luck!! You are gonna kill it:)

Saturday, 4:13 am

A: Hey I’m really sorry, but I forgot that I’m flying out to Stockholm with my mentor, Paul, for some lame Nobel stuff tonight and can’t hang out. But actually, would you mind giving me a ride in 30 minutes to the airport?
B: Ah sorry I actually can’t! I have my Rhodes interview and then I’m going to seven formals. But maybe lunch next week?

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