DO: Do you have any parting words for Dick Broadhead?
SS: Don’t let Trask hit you on the way out.

DO: Least favorite part of Duke?
SS: [Pauses] That everyone does something for a resume item. Maybe I’m just jaded and a senior, but let’s leave the resumes on the table a little more.

Do: F*ck, Marry, Kill: Tallman Trask, the Blue Devil mascot, Tim Cook.
SS: Okay, well, the first one’s easy [laughs]. See answer above. So, kill Trask and the reason is because a week ago I tried to give him a name tag at a Dukes and Duchesses event and he neither looked at me nor answered me on whether he wanted a name tag. He just took the name tag without acknowledging that there was a human presence so…
DO: Tea!
SS: The tea strikes again. its a reoccurring theme… can I say that? Whoops.
DO: Yes.
SS: Okay, and the other two… Oh, the blue devil because surfboard.
DO: Wait what are you planning on doing with the blue devil?
SS: Well, if the blue devil can ride a surfboard then I mean transitive property, right?
DO: …
SS: Marry Tim Cook. Who doesn’t like a silver fox?
DO: There you go. A very wealthy silver fox.
SS: Right, iPhone 8.

DO: Favorite place to eat when you’re drunk off your ass?
SS: [Long, thoughtful pause] Well, you have to give it up for Pitchfork tots, but, on the other hand, I feel like 9th street’s an annex of Duke. We love gentrification. So, in that case, give it up for some Chubby’s tacos.

DO: Favorite place to cry on campus?
SS: Too real. Keohane 4b. The cubby.

DO: Is it ok to punch a Nazi?
SS: I really want to make a shitty pun that I did not see that coming… but my friend Yazmin taught me something very early on in my first year at Duke and that is: “run up, get done up”. So, if you run up on black lives, latin lives, queer lives, immigrant lives…you get done up.

DO: What’s your sign?
SS: What’s my sign? [throws up peace sign]

DO: Who is your fav member of the supergroup, Migos?
SS: Can I wiki that?
DO: No.
SS: Wait, they did Versace right?
DO: Yes, and they did Bad and Boujee.
SS: Yike. Singular yike. Let’s say [pause] I don’t know Migos if I’m gonna be honest.

DO: Least favorite endorsement?
DO: Feel free to name drop.
SS: Um. Department Of?

DO: So, you’re not straight and also not white. Do you think Board of Trustees is ready for that type of diversity?
SS: Well, I might have to inch my way in toe first and then move my whole foot. Maybe an arm extended, but I think I’ll get there.

DO:You mentioned financial aid as an incredibly important part of your platform for YT. But, many have raised the question of if we are prioritizing monetary assistance for students, where will the funds come for another obnoxious glass food court?
SS: [Very long pause]
DO: It’s a thinker.
SS: So…hmm what a thinker…so… hmm.. umm.. if we spend all our money on helping kids access Duke, first of all, ugh, we can’t have big glass boxes, but then that also makes me think that we can’t have that one next to the BC, so maybe we’ll just have to have ugly doors from now on in other places.
DO: Tough truths.

DO: I’m sure you’re aware, campus is painfully heterosexual. How will you fix that as YT?
SS: So the young trustee can’t be an activist. We really are in charge of being the fiduciary arm of the University and looking at duke holistically and for all students.
DO: “Fiduciary” sounds kind of kinky, so maybe that will be enough.

DO: Speed round. Pineapple on pizza?
SS: Oh, god no.

DO: The Parlour or Locopops?
SS: Parlour.

DO: Your mom or dad?
SS: Yike. Yike. Can’t answer because they’re probably going to see this.
DO: It’s speed round mom or dad!
SS: Uncle? Uh, okay, mom. Mom MOM MOM!

DO: America has always been great or America has never been great?
SS: [Pause] One day, I might want to run for office so we’re going to say great, with lots of footnotes.

DO: Mac or PC?
SS: Mac. See answer to Fuck, Marry, Kill question.


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