“I feel like every year has a new energy and I feel like this year is really about like the year of just realizing stuff and everyone around me, we’re all just like realizing things…2016 looking good.” Kylie Jenner

  • drink lots of water
  • work out everyday
  • get at least eight hours of sleep each night
  • save money get a job
  • raise grade point average maintain gpa
  • eat healthy—ish
  • rush a sorority  rush slg abolish greek life
  • get a boyfriend get poked on facebook
  • make a new best friend
  • get young metro to trust me
  • become instagram famous
  • Get a higher followers: following ratio on twitter
  • participate more in class discussions
  • stop procrastinating no more youtube videos
  • say “yes” more
  • travel more “explore downtown”
  • learn one busta rhymes verse
  • volunteer
  • meditate/mindfulness
  • learn a new language create a duolingo account
  • cut out the fakes pray the fakes get exposed

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