DO: Do you have any parting words for Dick Broadhead?
TL: Ugh. RIP Dick. Truly truly. It’s been real these past 8 years … 10 years ? 12 years? 12 years. I was in middle school, in 6th grade when he started at Duke. It’s pretty crazy that he’s been here for that long. We’ll miss him.

DO: Your least favorite part of Duke?
TL : Omg, ugh. The shooters line. The Durhamites always clog it.

DO: Do you count yourself as a Durhamite?
TL : Am I responsible for that? Do I create my own least favorite part? That would be it.

DO: F*ck, Marry, Kill: Trask, The Blue Devil mascot, Tim Cook.
TL: [Laughs] Ooh. Thats hard.
DO : …Is it?
TL : No.
TL: Uh, marry the mascot. Kill Trask. And Tim Cook is gay.
DO: There ya go.

DO: Favorite place to cry?
TL : Ooh. The DSG office.
TL: It’s a sad dark place.

DO: Why should I vote for you?
TL : OH! I haven’t thought about that yet. [laughs]
DO: Might want to get on that
TL : Yeah we’re running out of time aren’t we?
DO: …
TL: Oh, I’m from Durham so I’ve been a part of Duke my whole life and I’ve watched it transform, which has been really incredible over the last 20 years. And it would be awesome to have someone from on the board so hopefully I can bring that. I think it’s missing.

DO: Is it ok to punch a Nazi?
TL: Yes.

DO: What’s your sign?
TL: I’m a Leo, I like the lion motif but I don’t know if I’m necessarily intrinsically a lion. I’m more of like…
DO: A lion in name? Not in action?
TL: Yeah.
TL: A lion in name only. A lie-on you might say. A lino? A lino. L-i-n-o. I’m a lino.
DO: This is good stuff.

DO: Who is your favorite member of the supergroup, Migos?
TL : What is that? Yikes should I know this? Supergroup Migos… am I behind the times?
DO: The supergroup, Migos.
TL : The supergroup Migos? Yikes I’m gonna need more pop culture reference. This doesn’t bode well for me.
TL: Is this me not relating to the people?
DO: Or the youths.
TL: The youth of today? The millennials?
DO: Right.

DO: Are there any people that have endorsed you that you’re like “Uhh…no thanks”?
TL: …
DO: Feel free to name drop.
TL: The Editorial Board is always a fine time. These are more hard hitting questions than I expect from them. So we’ll see.

DO: Does Uzo have your vote as well?
TL: Yes.

DO: So you’re the only white candidate in the race, how are you overcoming this adversity?
TL: It’s really challenging overcoming the obstacles that have been placed in front of me as a white, cis male, but I believe that one day I will overcome and…[pause] Oooh, I regret that. Yikes.
DO: Inspiring.
TL: Oh no. I aim to inspire that’s what I do. Yeah, the lightness of my skin sometimes reflects in the camera. It’s a bright photo. So, it really stands out.

DO:You’re a columnist for the widely regarded as “bad and also not good” Duke publication, The Chronicle. How do you stand to have your columns next to someone as terrible as George Mellgard?
TL: Well, you’re the only intentionally comedic publication, but they’re pretty unintentionally comedic. So, sometimes I enjoy the surprises of that. I enjoy the unexpected column once in a while. That gets me going.

DO: Pineapple on pizza?
TL: Yes.

DO: Parlour or Locopops?
TL: Parlour.

DO : America has always been great or America has never been great?
TL: Never been great.

DO: Kittens or teacup pigs?
TL: Kittens.

DO: Mom or dad?
TL: Yikes. Both?
DO: Speed round! Speed round! Mom or dad!
TL : Both!
DO: Mom. Or. Dad.
TL: Both.
TL: I don’t believe in binaries.
DO: You got us.

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