Arguably the most important election of 2016 is finally here. It’s Young Trustee election season at Duke, or what we like to call “my whole Facebook feed is full of the three same pictures.” In light of the gravity of the election, Department Of decided to research each of the candidates, only to realize three identical campaign websites and Chronicle profiles later, we had no idea who these frat bros were. Sure, Jamal is black, Max is Jewish, and Wills is Catholic, but there had to be more.

Department Of, by the Grace of King Trustee David Rubenstein, Protector of this Realm and of Its other Realms and Territories, Servant of the People, Defender of the Blue Devils, went ahead and interviewed them. Asking the tough questions, getting the real answers on the most important issues facing students, like the Drake and Meek Mill feud. We encourage you to check out the three interviews, and then go out and vote on February 9 and 10. Lord knows no one else will.

(All illustrations drawn by Courtney Fehsenfeld.)

Max Schreiber is a senior Electrical Engineering student who grew up a mile and a half away from Pauly D.

Wills Rooney is a senior at Duke majoring in self-directed program called “Market, Society, and Personalism,” which basically means he was too Aristotelian for the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics program.


Jamal Edwards is a senior double majoring in Global Health and Journalism. He spends far too much time at UNC than is socially acceptable.


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